Stolen exam papers


Several years ago, I presented my ideas about the benefits of online assessment to one of the major exam boards. I’d better not say which. They told me bluntly “we won’t switch to online exams until the risk of a scandal is lower than it is with paper-based exams.”

Gentlemen, that day has come.


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2 responses to “Stolen exam papers”

  1. Never never. We are v unhappy with the consequences of online marking from EDEXCEL (and have changed Boards for that reason). There is no value in asking for a photocopied script if we can’t even see the examiners’ comments, so we can’t tell whether we are dealing with a conscientious examiner or an idiot, and so we can’t work out whether it’s worth making an appeal.
    Stephen (Bedford)

  2. Abi Rogansky from Edexcel emailed me and asked me to add the following response to Stephen’s comment.

    “Edexcel continues to lead in the development of onscreen marking. This
    has been recognised by the regulator and other awarding bodies, as well
    as the Government and the Select Committee. The obvious benefits are the
    enhancement of accurate marking in a shorter timeframe and more secure
    processes. The new benefits for schools are the detailed data which
    leads to raised attainment through ResultsPlus.”

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