17 new courses on Yacapaca during April

It looks like a few authors were busy over the Easter holiday, because we have another good haul of new courses this month. I am particularly pleased to see Sociology making an appearance, and I’ve now added a Sociology list to the New Assignments page.

If you use any of these resources with one of your classes, please remember etiquette: give feedback when asked. The authors have put a lot of time and thought into what they have written. They need both encouragement and and guidance in how to improve.

  • Business GCSE Business
    (no further information)
  • Chemistry David Wicks
    KS3 Physics and Chemistry
  • Chemistry Year 8 Chemistry
    A selection of quizzes based around National Curriculum chemistry topics (8E, 8F, 8G, 8H)
  • Chemistry, Physics, Science KS3 Science
    Two long Chemistry quizzes and a shorter Physics one.
  • D&T KS3 Technology
    Moving Toys quiz for Year 8
  • Engineering Year 9 Engineering
    Quizzes and short text tests on Engineering themes.
  • English, Literature English Lan and lit
    GCSE English and Literature AQA
  • Geography, Geology, Science Earth Science
    Quizzes and an excellent set of short-text tests for an Earth Science course.
  • History History GCSE
    Quizzes on Medicine through Time, and the Home Front, plus a free-text pupil perception survey.
  • ICT Public information
    8.1 Sensors and traffic reporting
    ITQ is the National Vocational Qualification for IT Users
  • ICT KS2 Basic Skills
    ICT basic skills assessments suitable for KS2
  • Inset Inset
    Designed to show staff some of the features of Yacapaca.
  • Maths maths
    Some times table quizzes with lots of randomisation.
  • RE Worship and celebration
    Overview of the ideas behind worship and some examples of the motivation for celebrations and festivals.
  • Science BASD-8
    …for the review of released Pennsylvania state assessment items.
  • Sociology Year 11 Sociology
    Practice exam question technique


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