31 New courses on Yacapaca during May

That’s the most ever in one month. I am not going to be too hasty to claim a trend, though. Several of these are actually quite old, but have only just hit ‘maturity’ i.e. the requisite level of real usage to become eligible for publication. I’m not sure if this is artificially inflating the figures or not.

I have been noticing for some time that some teachers prefer to write their own assessments, even when near-identical ones are already available. Nothing at all wrong with that, but it does create a problem of duplicate public content. In fact, one teacher has even been complaining about it in the TES Staffroom. Olivero said

I can see Yacapaca has potential – the trouble is finding the good, relevant quizzes as there is so much there.

So, to keep this list within bounds, I have eliminated all the courses on spreadsheets, Microsoft Office icons, etc, and focused on the more innovative material. Following the links requires you to have Yacapaca membership – but as that is free, it should not be too much of an inhibition for you.

  • Business GCSE Business
    Seven GCSE quizzes labeled ‘pilot’. Good mix of question types to keep interest.
  • Business Mr Howard’s Business
    Two versions of the same test – choose your template!
  • Chemistry Common Entrance 13+ Chemistry
    This section of Common Entrance 13+ covers the three Chemistry topics of Classifying Materials, Changing Materials and Pattens of Behaviour.
  • Chemistry Edexcel
    Chemistry GCSE assessments.
  • Chemistry year 8
    Chemistry & Geology quizzes.
  • Chemistry Year 8 Chemistry
    A selection of quizzes based around National Curriculum chemistry topics (8E, 8F, 8G, 8H)
  • Citizenship Communities
    (no further information)
  • D&T Design Technology
    Short D&T student voice survey
  • D&T KS3 DT – North Walsham High
    (no further information)
  • D&T summer test
    Some really great questions, but the giant image files and large number of questions make these quizzes slow to load.
  • History AQA GCSE History 9 – The Cuban Missile Crisis
    The usual thorough coverage we have come to expect from this author.
  • ICT Expert Systems
    (no further information)
  • ICT OCR Nationals Survey
    The survey canvases student opinion of OCR Nationals.
  • ICT Potential VLE access
    Survey on students’ access to ICT, including mobile and gaming devices.
  • ICT Python Development
    Python is probably the single most useful programming language to learn right now, and it is surprisingly easy to get started with.
  • ICT 12 more ICT courses
    Too many to list in detail, and largely repeating work that has already been done.
  • Maths Recurring Decimals
    Grade A/A* practice
  • PE GCSE PE (number 2)
    Includes some very useful-looking short text exercises for BTEC.
  • Physics Common Entrance 13+ Physics
    This section of Common Entrance 13+ covers the five physics topics of Electricity & Magnetism, Forces and Motion, Light and Sound, The Earth and Beyond and Energy Resources & Energy Transfer
  • Science Mr. Riordan’s Tests
    Two copies of a quiz on electricity with excellent diagrams. Not clear what the difference between the two copies is.


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