Global Yacapaca usage snapshot

We had a lovely email today from a teacher in Australia, who asked:

I am a regional ICT Trainer in Australia, and I am absolutley amazed by your Yacapaca site! The functionality is like nothing I’ve seen anywhere else!! I signed up to try it out and was blown away. I would love to recommend this site to teachers in my district, but I wanted to ask you first if you would give your permission for us to use your site from over here in Australia. I know it was set up for UK teachers, but I wondered if you might be willing to stretch the borders – we may be able to provide some good resources to share – hopefully!

Yes! Of course! Even if you don’t write such a nice introduction. But it set me wondering where all our users do come from. So I took a look. Of 640 schools that used Yacapaca yesterday, 562 (86.5%) were in the UK. Here is how the remaining 15.5% broke down:

Yacapaca global usage survey


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