Ralph Holmes wins Author of the Year


My hearty congratulations to Ralph Holmes of Langley School, Norfolk, for winning Yacapaca’s Author of the Year award. I announced the award here, but briefy the 1000+ courses on Yacapaca were whittled down to a shortlist of seven best-in-subject exemplars. A panel of judges then selected the winner and runner up. The winner gets a seriously groovy iPod Touch.

So why did they pick Ralph’s Years 9,10 and 11 Physics course? The judges felt it was excellent for revision work, and particularly praised the comprehensive feedback and the quality of presentation.

Runner-up was Hannah Mohon of Huntcliff School in Saltburn-by-Sea, for her AQA GCSE History course. I was not surprised it did well – it is a huge resource, certainly the most comprehensive in Yacapaca.

Perhaps the most succinct judging comment was from John Boyle:

I thought both the top placed courses were by far the most student orientated and visually pleasing, even though the two winning courses are not areas of interest for me personally, I found both courses extremely interesting, and am sure pupils would feel the same.

I am really glad it was not me doing the judging. I loved all the resources in the shortlist, and would have agonised forever over denying the top prize to any of them. Fortunately, the judges were made of sterner stuff! I would really like to thank them for the hard work they have put in.


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21 responses to “Ralph Holmes wins Author of the Year”

  1. Congratulations Ralph! I dont teach science but I looked at the course and its obviously very thorough and must have been a lot of work. I really liked the Bilingual course too cos I teach French. Can we all vote for the winner next time?

  2. I have used the Physics assessments and the kids love them. A well-deserved win, Ralph!

  3. Congrats to Ralph and Hannah and all nominees!

    Great job, tough competition and tremendous victory 🙂

    Hope to be helpful to you now and again.

    Yacapaca Support Team

  4. Congratulations Ralph – as a teacher I was delighted to use your materials which are very student friendly.Well done also Hannah .

  5. Ralph, congratulations for the award and for the engaging interactive content development! Nice job!

  6. Congratulations Ralph on your excellent materials on Yacapaca – and on winning the competition – really super!

    To Hannah also… the range and quantity of the resources you created are staggering.

    Finally, well done to everyone who was in the final ‘line-up’ you all deserve prizes… you really do.!

  7. Congratulations Ralph and Hanna, I don´t teach Physic but I consider your work is interesting.

  8. A big FELICITATIONS (that’s Congratulations in French) to both Ralph and Hannah for your fantastic achievement. You are deserving winners! Also to Yacapaca as a website which enables such great collection of resources together for all and sundry.

  9. Congratulations, Ralph!
    I work at Langley with Ralph and through his support many more of us are using Yacapaca across all subjects.

  10. Congratulations to Ralph and Hannah on your recognition! As an economist I find both Physics and History confusing, yet the quality of the resources you have produced is unquestionable. Good luck in your future yacapacing (?!?).

  11. I’d like to add my thanks and congratulations to these two worthy individuals. Both to Hannah working on clearly one of the best subjects in the curriculum and to Ralph for creating the winning resource.

    What all of this is testament to is how flexible and useful the Yacapaca system is. Anyone can create assessment content yet also use the data that follows effectively. In my own school today we were again commenting on the accuracy of the KS3 assessments within ICT.

    So – congratulations to all involved. Long may this magnificent work continue 🙂

  12. Congrats to Ralph and Hannah and all nominees! I am pleased with your contributions to teaching and learning. Please keep it up.

  13. congratulations Ralph,the award is well deserved.I have found the resources very helpful during revision with my pupils.well done and thankyou for such fab resources.
    Congratulations to Hannah also,Although I don’t teach History but my daughter found them very interesting.

  14. Congratulations Ralph, its great to see all of your hard work getting the recognition they deserve as we all know all hard working tutors put a lot of time and energy into their resources.

    Well done to all.

  15. Congratulations Ralph and Hannah. I am sure your students will be celebrating the great moment too.

  16. Congratulations. An ability to write engaging and stimulating courses is soon to become a prerequisite of every tyeachers personal toolbox – so well done in having your use of these skills recognised in such a way!

  17. To those of you who labour on – I retire (thank God) at the end of this term – but want to encourage you all to develop Yacapaca – if only it had all been around 25 years ago!!!! Please be aware how fortnate you all are to have these resources now so easily available. Do use them – the feedback from the online tests would have saved me hours of work and improved my delivery and the pupils’ responses – so for those of you who are high flying with it – keep it up (to use a standard REPORT phrase.

  18. Thank you for all the comments and for the support of the Yacapaca team. It was fun to do!

  19. All of those who work hard in social and educational benefit, deserve to be honored and awarded. Congrats to the winner and all participants, as well.

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