How to add images to quiz questions

A teacher emailed me this question a few days ago:

I have managed to upload some some pictures as a zip. I can see them in the image library, and as thumbnails in a popup. However, if I try and drag them into my question, all I get is a new window with the image in it.

This is a common request, so I thought you might appreciate me sharing the answer with you.

The drag and drop method only works in Firefox. Try as we might, we could never get Internet Explorer to do it right. Here is the more reliable way.

  1. Right-click on the image and select “properties”.
  2. Find and copy the complete URL of the image.
  3. Now paste that into the image field in the question.

New solution coming soon Update: implemented Sept 2008

For the past six months we have been working on a completely new way to create and edit questions. I shall introduce it in the Masterclass on July 4th, and after that invite a few authors to beta-test it prior to the full roll-out in September.

To whet your appetite, here are some of the features…

  • Image drag and drop that works everywhere (of course)
  • Attach sounds to questions or responses
  • Duplicate and adapt existing questions

…and here’s a screencast:


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3 responses to “How to add images to quiz questions”

  1. Used this in the masterclass on the 4th. Takes a bit of getting use to but the drag and drop of images is great nolonger do you have to go on to image properties to find the address to paste in. People you will like this.

  2. Hi

    I’m having fun exploring yacapaca but am having trouble with images. I want to put screen shots of spreadsheets but they come out so small you can’t see the details on them. Any suggestions to make them bigger or clearer?



    • Two approaches can work here.

      1. Focus on just the bit of the spreadsheet the question is about, and screenshot that. Usually it’s only a few cells. It may be necessary to edit the question to fit.
      2. Attach the full-size screenshot, or even the spreadsheet itself, to the pre-test instructions. Tell students to study it carefully and then take the quiz. Slice your quiz up into mini-quizzes, each of which contains only questions that pertain to that particular screenshot.

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