Loading the whole school onto Yacapaca (whilst keeping your sanity)

Dawn Cox from Orwell High School has been a user and good friend of Yacapaca for some time now. She’s one of those people who pushes us to raise our game by demanding (albeit politely) new features.

Today, Dawn has been pushing me for a way to organise students into all their classes without duplicating logins. Normally, I’d recommend handing access keys to the students. They can then use these to join whichever sets they want. Dawn wants to get it all organised up front, so that won’t work for her.

Instead, here is the sequence I recommended Dawn use.

  1. Get all your teachers joined to your schools’ support group. This will save a lot of time later.
  2. Upload all students to their ‘primary’ sets (e.g. tutor groups, but you can consider any to be the primary ones).
  3. In the edit page of the first student set, select all students and click the ‘copy’ button. You can enter a new set name; this will create a new set with you as the teacher.
  4. Repeat (3) as many times as needed with each set. You can copy some or all students from each set and combine/recombine as much as needed.
  5. Visit each of your new sets and add the relevant teacher. If the teachers are already members of the support group, they will be in a convenient dropdown.
  6. Now remove yourself from each of these sets, leaving the relevant teacher(s) in control. Or don’t, and retain a supervisory role for yourself.

Here is a screencast covering the Student Set edit page:


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