Super-quick signup option for students

If you are planning to get your students to try the Yacapaca Xmas Goodies, you may well need to create some new student accounts.

You will probably be interested, then, in the new “Student pick-list” feature we have launched this morning. Briefly, it is a way of getting your whole class up and running on Yacapaca, each with their own account, in under five minutes. We’ve been working like stink to get this feature out before Christmas, and I really hope you enjoy it.


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2 responses to “Super-quick signup option for students”

  1. Ian, this is a fantastic feature! No more cutting up pieces of paper 😉 It was very easy to sign up students before, now it’s even easier.

    By the way, I set up a group this morning in significantly less than 5 minutes – if you need a few tips on improving your work-flow drop me an email!!

  2. OK Smartypants. Try doing it whilst simultaneously recording a screencast of what you are doing 🙂

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