1,000,000 members

I woke up late this morning, as it’s my birthday. Here’s my birthday present from Yacapaca:

Yacapaca memberships at 10:00 on 12/12/2008

Teachers 38,399
Students 965,001
Total 1,003,400

This happened because half a dozen very talented computer programmers enabled around a thousand equally talented teachers to create some amazing assessments – quizzes, surveys, ePortfolios, short-text tests. These were (are!) so good that almost 40,000 other teachers wanted over 960,000 students to enjoy learning through them.

The one person who deserves most credit for this is our original systems architect Sergej Terent’ev. Sergej left the team earlier this year, but there is no doubt that it was his work that laid the foundation for Yacapaca’s success.


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