‘Textbook mode’ authoring competition

I am really pretty chuffed with new capabilities of Yacapaca free-text tasks, and I think you will be too. You really can create sophisticated interactive resources in minutes, with no training.

To stimulate your creative juices, I’m offering a prize of an iPod shuffle for the best resource produced by the end of Feb. OK, so it’s only Shuffle, but that’s not the point. This one’s a Yacapaca shuffle and it comes with a great story about how you won it.

Here is what to do to win the iPod:

  1. Watch the screencast to learn how to use Textbook Mode.
  2. Review the sample from the video: Maths G&T Extensions. By the way, I really did create that from scratch in 5 minutes; the video is completely uncut.
  3. Review my other demo, Geological features in the landscape.
  4. Create your resource. Incorporate images, embed videos or slideshows… let your imagination be your guide.
  5. Tell me about it, by emailing support@yacapaca.com before March 1st. Remember to tell me what colour iPod you want!

The judging panel will be made up of experienced Yacapaca authors. Their criteria for selecting the winner will be that it best combines fun and teachability.

I am only expecting a few entries for this competition, so you have an excellent chance of winning. I’m already looking forward to seeing your entry!


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