VLE integration, international content, new authoring tools…

Last weekend we updated Yacapaca with four new features that I hope you will find useful. You will need a (free) Yacapaca login to follow the links

  • Better VLE integration
    You can now access permalinks from your Assignments List.
  • Content for different countries is now organised separately
    Use the Country Selector to choose your country, or to explore what is available elsewhere.
  • Search within a subject
    It is now much easier to find just the test, quiz or free-text task you were looking for.
  • New content authoring tool
    ‘Textbook Mode’ lets you produce some really sophisticated interactive resources, and it is very easy to use. Here is a simple demonstration: Geological features in the landscape. If you are a Yacapaca author, look forward to a competition announcement for the best resources using this feature.


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2 responses to “VLE integration, international content, new authoring tools…”

  1. This look great Ian – thank you. In terms of better VLE integration, as I mentioned on Twitter earlier, I think what would be even better would be to integrate ‘at the other end’.

    Great to be able to setup permalinks to students can follow direct links from courses within the VLE. Yet what I’d really like to see is some way to import level data from Yacapaca to Moodle.

    It is part of a wider aspect I’m working on, but we make great use of the levelling aspect of Yacapaca, and I really just want my students to log in and see ‘I’m currently at Level 5…’. In some ways this is nothing more than taking the spreadsheet of yacapaca results and playing with it to import into Moodle, but that’s the bit I think Yacapaca could do more to smooth the path…

    Let me know if I can help 😉

  2. I agree with Andrew – integration of marks would be great. However, even better would be some sort of shared log in between YacaPaca Moodle.

    Keep up the good work.

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