Textbook Mode competition winner

Congratulations to Katharine Wright of Colonel Frank Seely School in Nottinghamshire on winning our Textbook Mode Authoring Competition with Au Café. Katharine, your bright red iPod is already on its way to you.

This is the introduction to the task: for best effect snap it to full-screen and play it on your whiteboard before setting the task itself.

Judges comments

I ranked the Au café task as number one because it provides student so many different ways to learn and have fun:  respond to a video, create a menu, create a logo, write a dialogue or comic strip, research jobs, and create a collage. Gale Sperry

The use of challenge questions to stretch those who are keen or who are more able is good to see because this is something it is easy to forget when using ICT. Hannah Mohon

Good use of a variety of media but this example, in my opinion, is best because it uses the additonal features to support the construction of interesting, relevant and student-centred tasks.  For example watching the Animoto montage and then noting down all the examples in French – this is a realistic and useful task, leading onto further learning.  An excellent illustration of how to combine rich-media with useful assessment tasks. Andrew Field

The judges were

  • Gale Sperry, Englewood High School, Colorado. Prolific Yacapaca author (e.g. American Literature).
  • Aidan McCanny, Assistant Advisory Officer for eLearning and ICT, Southern Education and Library Board (SELB).
  • Ralph Holmes, Langley School, Norfolk. Winner: Author of the Year 2008.
  • Hannah Mohon, Huntcliff School, Saltburn-by-Sea. Runner up: Author of the Year 2008.
  • Andrew Field, Neale-Wade Community College, Cambridgeshire and EffectiveICT.co.uk.
  • Krystie Alleaume, Ultranet coach at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria, Australia.

My thanks to the hard-working judges, and to everyone who entered. I was really inspired by all the different techniques I saw tried around the basic theme of Textbook Mode. For me, it really validated the hard work the team (most particularly Sasha Kostin) put in to make this feature a success.


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15 responses to “Textbook Mode competition winner”

  1. Katharine definitely deserves the prize! Every part of this assignment looks like fun – the students get to explore and then produce creative responses, all while practicing and showing what they know! I really like that there is opportunity for students with all types of strengths to shine on this task. Thanks for the great ideas and congratulations!

  2. This is a fantastic use of Animoto and YacaPaca. It allows each pupil to work at the best of their individual abilities. Next perhaps the pupils can could even create their own Animoto videos!

  3. Congratulations Katharine. Love the way you have encouraged the students to use the different types of multimedia to answer the questions. Looks like great fun. I even feel like completing the activities myself!

  4. congratulations on winning katherine. it sounds a really great entry and it is the worthy winner.

  5. Katharine, well done. You have produced a wonderful resource with a wide variety of activities. Loved the use of Animoto. Well done.

  6. What a fabulous use of Animoto that is clearly a great resource for use in a languages classroom. The way this has been used serves as an inspiration to others as to how the simplicity of Animoto can be used to make a resource that is incredibly useful in the classroom.

  7. Well done, Katherine, you have created a wonderful resource here. I am using Animoto videos in the classroom, but I hadn’t thought of using them within Yacapaca. Congratulations.

  8. Congratulations! A fantastic piece of work which has inspired me to keep trying with Animoto (and my French classes)!

  9. I have not yet looked at your winning resource yet but coming third in a Yacapaca competition in the past leaves me in no doubt as to the excellency of your entry. So, in anticipation of checking out and possibly using something exciting, I extend my congratulations to you.
    I must add that Yacapaca is the REAL DEAL!

  10. Dear Katharine
    I have been informed that you are the winner of producing a piece of Art work which crosses all mediums. In this day and age the competition out there is not easy; however you seemed to achieved this at a very Young age well done and good luck for the future.

    Angela Reid: Redbridge College.

  11. Well Done Katherine. Have not seen your work myself but the judges were clearly very impressed. Excellent achievement.

  12. Katherine, congratulation for your standing out above the other competitors. Your work is an auditory and visual satisfaction, in addition, it inspires us to use multimedia and create our own works. Marvellous!

  13. Hi Katherine,
    Congratulations! You have triggered in us the want to learn, produce and use multimedia effectively in teaching. Wish you happy listening to music using your bright red iPod. Great!!

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