How Yacapaca Boosts Exam Results

Yacapaca is designed to boost results across your school or college. Here’s how:
  1. Know what your students know with analytics
    From question-by-question detail, through key concept analysis, per-topic progression through the syllabus up to yearly overviews with flightlines, Yacapaca gives you the information you need to teach effectively – all reported in your chosen grade-scheme.
  2. Challenge your students to think
    Yacapaca quizzes include peer-authored formative feedback after each question. This AfL approach challenges students to re-think each question they got wrong, in preparation for meeting it again. Instead of spoonfeeding the right answer, this encourages reflection and analysis.
  3. Harness peer pressure to create a culture of learning
    Yacapaca automatically creates ability-matched teams, and reports team results to students. Teachers who link rewards to team performance have a powerful tool to combat the “too cool for school” syndrome and align the students’ subculture with learning goals.
  4. Increase time-on-task
    Research shows that time on task is a key determinant of academic performance. Yacapaca helps students to achieve a state of concentration with cleverly-designed reward points and timing that adjusts to the natural pace of each individual student.
  5. No more forgetting previous content
    Yacapaca Revision automatically tracks each student’s progression through the syllabus. It presents a stream of questions that mix the current topic with topics previously covered, structured to address to the well-known Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. Students who use Revision consistently throughout the syllabus reach exam time with all the content still fresh in their minds.
  6. Individualise learning for each student
    Yacapaca tracks the attainment level of each student and presents questions at or near that level (for Homework and Revision; the questions served are determined algorithmically).
  7. Empower teachers to create their own assessments
    The Yacapaca authoring environment enables teachers to assemble quizzes from the existing bank of 144,000 questions, or write their own.
  8. Enjoy it
    Students enjoy Yacapaca and frequently ask for more.



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