Flightlines are a fantastic tool to communicate progress (or the lack of it) to students and their parents. A Flightline is a chart that shows two types of information very simply:

… monthly average grades achieved

… the grades that should be achieved each month if the end-of-year target is to be met

…and now they have come to Yacapaca!

Flightline (1)

With Flightlines you can…

… view them directly in the Gradebook (use the “Chart” button)

… download them as PDFs for printing, also from the Gradebook

What’s more your students can…

… view them at any time from the Student to-do list (use the “Chart” tab)

… email them to their parents.

To turn your Flightlines into a really persuasive communication tool, you need to do two things:

  1. Enter each students’ end-of-year target via the Gradebook.
  2. Make sure there are some marks entered for each month. If you don’t use Yacapaca all that frequently, an easy solution is to use the Offline Assessment feature to enter grades earned elsewhere. You can even back-date them into the correct month.

Like every feature in Yacapaca, Flightlines are available to all users whether or not you are paying for the service.

Anything not clear? Ask here! Ellie or I will be delighted to help.


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