Which should I use – Quizzes, Homeworks or Revision?

Quizzes, Homeworks and Revision all draw on the same question bank, so what is the difference and which should you use? The key elements are that:

  • Quizzes and Homeworks are assigned. Revision is not.
  • Homeworks and Revision use CAT and Ebbinghaus schedules. Quizzes do not.

The following table fleshes this out a little.

Quiz Homework Revision
Who is in control? teacher teacher student
Limited by # questions time time
Questions selected by author CAT CAT
Topic bias n/a Most recent dominates Even coverage
Questions matched to student level no yes yes
Ebbinghaus revision schedule no yes yes
Detailed results reporting yes no no
Teacher can set a deadline yes yes no
Access on desktop or mobile devices yes yes yes
Reported in Gradebook yes yes yes
Boosts results if used consistently yes yes yes


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