Actual student-written formative feedback statements

Feedback entry with textIt’s coming up to lunchtime on the first day of our peer feedback experiment, and I’m incredibly excited at how well it is going. We have had about 1000 peer-written statements in so far and I wanted to share some of the best of them with you. If the authors of these are your students, you have the right to feel proud.

Question Distractor Student-written formative feedback statement
What happens if a large electric current flows through your body? It will improve your circulation. It will suddenly quicken your heartbeat then suddenly slow it down, this may lead to a heart attack or death, it doesn’t help circulation of blood.
Which of the following is an ALLOY? Haematite Haematite is the iron ore. an alloy is a mixture of metals combined to enhance the useful properties of the original metal. Haematite has impurities along with the iron which make it weak and brittle. therefore Haematite is not an alloy it is the raw iron ore
5.1.3 A beam of electrons in a cathode ray tube in a TV set consists of 3×10¹⁸ electrons. The charge on each electron is 1.6×10⁻¹⁹C. As the electrons accelerate through the potential difference in the tube, each electron gains 3000eV of energy. What is the potential difference the electrons move through? 0.48V Use the formula V=E/q. It is up to you whether you work in eV or convert that to Joules (but it’s much much simpler to work in eV). As we are given the energy in electronvolts per electron (i.e. for ONE electron) the number of electrons is irrelevent. Now you have all the information to put into the equation.
Someone you meet in a chatroom wants to meet you. Your parents say no. What should you do? Sneak out anyway the reason why this is wrong is because first of all, you dont know who the person is! they could be the total opposite of what they said they are. Your parents will be very worried if you have gone somewhere without their permission and you can end up being killed, abused and much more if you go on your own and meet someone youmet on the internet. It is too risky and dangerous to meet someone you met on the internet!

These feedback statements completely fulfil the specification:

  1. Explain, for someone who chose this, why it is the wrong answer
  2. Don’t give the game away by telling them the right answer
  3. Help them work it out for themselves

There is still lots to do with this project – and lots that can go wrong – but so far, it’s exceeding my wildest dreams.

My thanks for these examples to students from Patana School, BIS Vietnam and Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy for these examples.



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