Homework & Revision Logs give you insights into how your students really study at home

How useful would it be to know what time your students really sit down to do their homework, and how long they actually spend on it? Well, now you can, because we have updated the Homework and Revision logs.

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Here’s what the headings tell you:

  • Added: What date and time the student actually started revising. If it’s after midnight, you know they’ve got problems!
  • Student: The list is shown per-set and per-week, so strictly speaking what you are seeing is the revision the student did for this particular syllabus this week.
  • Questions answered: How many questions the student answered. More is not necessarily better; students learn more by taking their time with each question. We continually work on ways to encourage this.
  • Time spent: This actually counts only time spent answering questions, and excludes time spent reading feedback. The total time spent in front of the screen is actually greater than shown here.
  • Grade: An estimate of the grade the student is currently working at. The reliability of this does depend on the number of questions answered; for it to be meaningful, they need to have answered a minimum of 20 questions in the session.

Assign homework from the Assignments List page. You don’t ned to assign revision, just encourage your students to do it.

The homework and revision logs are live-updated. They can be accessed from the Assignments page, and are also emailed to you weekly by default.


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