The new Quiz Preview for iPad looks *very* different – and much better, I think.

If you use Yacapaca on your iPad, iPhone or Android device, I am greatly relieved to tell you that at long last we’ve got Quiz Preview working on it. Sorry it’s taken so long.

preview 2

It is based on the full mobile version that students are already using. Here are some screenshots:

Screenshot_2014-03-11-09-16-02 Screenshot_2014-03-11-09-16-16 Screenshot_2014-03-11-09-18-28

In the app, the swipe panel  at the bottom to move between the three screens of each question. You will find it works well even on a small iPhone screen. Tip: don’t swipe from the very edge. Some browsers will hijack that as ‘browser back’ command.

We are steadily working on iPad-ising the whole teacher module. We are progressively converting the whole site, rather than dumping you with a cut-down ‘app’ version that inevitably would not have the one obscure feature that you rely on. And it takes time.

The gradebook and markbooks are already done (two-finger scrolling, remember!); next will be the menus.

The student module is already converted. I’ve yet caught a student doing his/her homework on a phone, at the back of the bus, but I’ll try and sneak a photo when I do.


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