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Homework is one of the classic use-cases for Yacapaca. It’s fantastic to be able to share a real teacher’s appraisal of how it works.


Homework is one of those things students expect to get & teachers expect to set.  However, it can be a real pain to set, mark, collect, track, etc.  From September it was introduced as part of the school’s LIP & it’s something that’s become increasingly part of my own development as a teacher.  I have decided to focus on it as part of my appraisal for this academic year & I’d have liked to have done a formal action research project on it – anyone know where I can get action research accredited nowadays?

I’m not actively trying to do anything new or particularly innovative, I am aiming to take best practice and try it with my classes to revamp homework so that it becomes more meaningful to my students.

The first part of investigations has been focused on self marking, online homework.  I’ve used this in the past for…

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