Promote Yacapaca in your school with these free posters

To help you raise enthusiasm for Yacapaca in the school, we now have a fantastic set of posters to put up in the ICT Suite and the Staffroom.
Poster 3 Poster 4 Poster 2 Poster 1

Print them in-school…

Download the files (PDF) here. There is no charge. Print as many as you like, at any size from A3 upward.

…or get a pre-printed set.

I have found a printer who can do a set of all four at A2 size, for £25 + VAT. I have the initial samples here on the wall of my office and I can tell you they are absolutely gorgeous. They are printed on thick, 200gsm paper using an 11-colour Epson process, and the quality is just incredible. You can order a set for your school at

The two ICT Suite posters are

10 ways to win more points (encourage variety of use)
The Yacapaca Judo Belts (encourage competitiveness)

The two Staffroom posters are

8 ways Yacapaca boosts results (focus on outcomes)
Anatomy of a Yacapaca question (help colleagues understand why summative assessment gets such good results)
My particular thanks if you were one of the Yacapaca members who helped refine the designs. Josh and I sweated over every last pixel of these posters and I feel really proud of the result. I hope you find them useful, and will be delighted to hear your feedback.


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