Cloze vs. multiple choice

A pros and cons list for quiz authors. 

Benefits of Cloze

  • Largely guess-proof
  • Tests spelling
  • Fewer questions needed for a reliable summative test
  • Variable strictness is possible

Drawbacks of Cloze

  • Disadvantages dyslexics, EALs and other weak spellers.
  • Kids moan at you if there are too many in a quiz.
  • Cannot easily distinguish between weak conceptual knowledge and weak spelling.

Benefits of multiple choice

  • Students get less stressed.
  • Opportunity to introduce new concepts in the distractors, that can then be picked up later in the course.
  • Opportunity to add formative feedback statements to distractors.
  • Good for reinforcing concepts the students are getting, but have not completely grasped.

Drawbacks of multiple choice

  • May introduce fake words or phrases in the distractors that wind up being learned, and increase an already weak student’s confusion.
  • Because random guessing can result in a right answer, need a larger number of questions to get a reliable result.


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