Pathfinder schools

Are you getting the most out of your Yacapaca subscription? I do my best to highlight good practice in this blog, but there is a limit to what can be done in text, or even video. More powerful by far is to invest a couple of hours in directly observing what other schools are doing with the system. With our new Pathfinder schools, it becomes easy to do just that.
At your regional Pathfinder, you can
  • join the school’s own Yacapaca CPD events, usually at no or nominal cost.
  • talk one-to-one with a colleague who has deep experience of using Yacapaca in and out of the classroom.
Contact us to be put in contact with the nearest Pathfinder to you.
We still have slots open for Pathfinders in some regions. My criteria for selecting Pathfinders are:
  • Yacapaca is strongly embedded in at least one department within the school.
  • Committed at SLT level to deriving the maximum benefit from using the system.
The principal benefit of becoming a Pathfinder is that we will offer a very substantial discount on a whole-school subscription. Experience so far suggests that head teachers also appreciate the way that Pathfinder status raises the profile of the school. To express interest in your school becoming a Pathfinder, start here.


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