Current subscription tiers

We currently have four levels of subscription:


Up to 250 assigned quiz attempts per month. This is the tier every teacher is automatically assigned when they join Yacapaca. 250 attempts/month is approximately what you need to run weekly tests with one class of 30 students.  It is permanently available and not a trial period, so if this suits your needs, you are very welcome to continue using Yacapaca forever, for free.

Personal subscription

Up to 500 assigned quiz attempts per month, over and above the free tier, i.e. 750 in total. Sufficient for light but regular usage across several classes.
Cost: £99/year

Department subscription

Up to 5 teachers share 5000 assigned quiz attempts per month. A typical usage pattern is to run a major termly test across an entire cohort, with lighter usage in other months. With this tier, the HoD will often set up to be able to overview and analyse assignments set by all teachers in the department.
Cost: £299/year

Whole school subscription

Unleash the power of Yacapaca to drive change across your school, in the ways that matter most to you. Share your school’s key objectives with us and we will:
1. align Yacapaca to help you meet them,
2. show you exactly how to drive the results you need,
3. set up a free trial, and free training, for your school.
Whole-school subscriptions are priced individually. Contact us to schedule an initial discussion.


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