Pro tips on uploading student data ready for September

When setting up Yacapaca for the new year, you should have two aims:
  • Minimise your own workload, of course
  • Maintain continuity of student data. Why?
    • …because Yacapaca’s famed ability to individualise the learning experience depends on its existing knowledge of the individual
    • …because the analytics will show useful trends provided their is past data to base them on.
Here’s how to achieve this goal:
  1. If you are a Full Service customer, get ready to send your student data to us for upload. We’ll do everything else, so ignore the rest of this post.
  2. For student sets that remain largely unchanged, simply edit the set name, e.g. 7AX becomes 8AX.
  3. You can easily move students between sets individually or in groups (see video)
  4. If re-uploading students from scratch, include their admission numbers to avoid any future duplication. There is lots of useful analytics data you can add at this point, that will be really hard to add later. See the full list.


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