Get set up now for deep analysis of students’ results

student data

Next time you create a student set, you will find that you can optionally upload more data about each student. The benefits are
  • Identity data. The admission number enables you to ensure that each student only has one account, even if uploaded several times.
    Forename | Surname | Admission number 
  • Analysis data will enable you to understand how well different sub-cohorts of students are progressing.
    Gender | EAL | FSM | SEN | Pupil premium | Date of Birth
  • Authentication data. Upload both or neither; login by itself will be ignored. You will need us to issue you a school-specific login page. This is a ‘lite’ alternative to LDAP integration.
    School network login | School network password

All these additional data are optional – if you want to restrict your data to just forename and surname, that’s fine.

To upload a new student set, go to the Students tab -> New Student set.

We are currently building an extended analytics suite that will make maximum use of the additional data to gain deep insights into your teaching, or teaching across the department, or even the whole school. I think you will be amazed by how much you can discover from the data you already have in Yacapaca.

If you prefer to outsource the data upload task to us, we are happy to take it on for a small extra fee. Email the support team and we’ll send you the details.


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