Managing revision

Yacapaca has a very sophisticated built-in revision management system for all our most popular subjects, and it is very easy to set up. Here’s how.

1. Enable revision topics

Students tab > Student sets > Actions > Topics for Revision


2. Set the topics you have covered so far

topics 2

3. Tell the students what to look for

topics 3

Revision appears at the top of each student’s to-do list, with a yellow icon. Students can now choose how long to revise for:

topics 4

Yacapaca keeps a record of each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and will select questions automatically to address the weaker areas. It also automatically selects the question level, giving harder questions to higher-attaining students.

4. Students can track their progress at any time

via the Revision Planner tab.

topics 5

They can also call up a test on any specific keyword.

5. You can track student progress in revision via your Assignments page

Look for the yellow progress bars

topics 6a

and follow Results > Activity Log to see how long each student has revised for, and how well they are doing right down to the per-question level.

How to make Yacapaca revision a success for your students

Experience shows that students will use Yacapaca Revision in direct proportion to your sustained enthusiasm. My recommendation: celebrate effort (i.e. time spent) and not number of questions or percentage results. Research shows that the key to attainment is time on task, which is why Yacapaca times students down to the second and reports those timings to you.


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