How quiz timing works

In Yacapaca, students are given a set amount of time to answer each question. The time remaining is shown on the timer bar.

timer bar The purpose of the timer is to help students stay focused on the task, and it works really well. The way it works is more subtle than you may have realised.

Question timing is completely automatic

Inside the quiz app there is a very clever algorithm that ensures the right pacing for every individual student in your class. It happens auto-magically, with nothing for you to set.

Every student is different

Yacapaca observes each student and modifies quiz speed to their needs. Some students work fast, some slowly. Interestingly, there is no correlation whatever between attainment and speed of working. They are simply unrelated.

Every question is different

Some questions are simple tests of memory; you know it or you don’t. Some require thought or calculation. Yacapaca observes the average time needed for each individual question, and modifies the timer accordingly.

Students are rewarded for consistent pacing, not speed

Students earn badge points as they work. As well as rewarding correct answers, these reward students for consistent pacing. If you watch the green timer bar, you will see that it changes colour, showing the brightest green in the middle of the allowed period. This is when students earn the most badge points for a correct answer. The result is they stay focused on the task, neither dawdling nor rushing to answer before they are sure.

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