Tutorial 7: the Detail view

Detail view

If you want a per-student, per-question, per-attempt view of your results, come to

Assignments tab -> Results -> Results in Detail

You will see you have the traditional traffic-light colour-coding for correct, partial and incorrect answers.

Grey cells are questions that were not presented. The Yacapaca model is that each quiz is a randomised selection of questions from an underlying question bank. You choose how many questions to show when you assign the quiz; with each attempt, the student sees a fresh selection in a fresh order. This improves summative reliability as the questions cannot simply be rote-learned.

The Detail View crams a lot of data into a single screen, so we had to make a few compromises to make everything fit. To read each question, hover your cursor over the question number, like this…

Detail popup 1

…and to see the text of each student’s response, hover over the answer cell.

Detail popup 2

If your screen is smaller than the size of the table (lucky you if you have a large screen or a small class!), the table scrolls intelligently within its frame. On an iPad or trackpad device, use two fingers to scroll it.

We have now covered three of the results pages: Gradebook, Activity Log and Detail View. I recommend you also read this overview of how they fit together with each other, and with the more minor results views.

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