Tutorial 5: Six very useful Gradebook features

You already know what a gradebook/markbook is. Every teacher grew up with them. The difference with the Yacapaca Gradebook is how much of the work it does for you. In this tutorial I am going to take you through 6 massive time-savers that you quite possibly did not know about.

Access the Gradebook for any student set via the Students menu. Any set that has data will appear in this dropdown; un-assessed sets don’t appear here.

1. Average grades over whatever period you define

gradebook 1
Set the first and last dates to what you need, and get an instant average grade. And remember you can change the gradescheme you use at any time.

2. Progression against targets

gradebook 2
Set a target for each student and click the Chart button. You get monthly averages and a flightline. There is a smart printable version too; your line manager will love it.

3. Drill-down to detailed results

gradebook 3
Each column represents an assignment, which may in turn contain more than one quiz. Click on the column to access the Detail View for each quiz. Incidentally, the best way to scroll around a large Gradebook on your iPad is with two fingers.

4. Category analysis

gradebook 4
Actions menu -> Category Analysis
Even if you’ve not defined any other analytics categories for your students (learn more) you can get a breakdown of performance by gender.
And there’s a deeper dive into category analysis here, for real data nuts like me.

5. Parents’ reports

Actions menu -> Parents’ reports
Because we all love preparing for parents’ evening, don’t we? Download a whole set to print out so you can give Johnny’s parents the hard numbers on his performance. Without the hard work.

6. Detailed evidence-of-learning reports

Actions menu -> Evidence
Because we love Ofsted even more. A complete set of .csv files, one for each student, with performance per key concept. It’s utterly mind-numbing. More of a defensive weapon than a teaching aid, really.

and more…

In the Actions menu alone there are an additional 11 features I have not mentioned here, for fear of losing your attention. Do explore them yourself; whatever your teaching style, there will be something in there to help you do more of what you love and less of the tedious admin.


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