ePortfolio public pilot starts today

After months of secrecy we finally announced today. The Yacapaca ePortfolio is now into public pilot. It’s a good thing I was working from home today because I was leaping around like a mad thing after I sent the announcement email to the Yacapaca mailing list. As much as anything, it’s a relief to have […]

Has Chalkface fallen victim to your spam filter?

A lost-confirmation complaint prompted me to research how good different ISPs are at delivering email. I looked at the number of failed signups to Yacapaca, and compared them against successful signups. Here are the results for the big ISPs: AOL.com 33% Yahoo.co.uk 24% Hotmail.com 23% Tiscali.co.uk 20% Yahoo.com 17% BTinternet.com 17% Hotmail.co.uk 10% So, what’s […]

Horndean Technology College visit

Just after half term I had great pleasure of visiting three schools in the South West. Ostensibly, I was escorting my colleague Victoria Yegorenkova during her induction training, but it was a great excuse to get in some classroom observation and meet several teachers I knew previously only by reputation. First up was Horndean TC. […]