Instant Assign Again comes to Quick Assignments

Quick Assignments are a way to quickly assign, collect and grade written work. Unlike quizzes they won’t do the marking for you, but they will save you a lot of time and temper.
Now we have made them even quicker, by copying the Assign Again feature from quiz assignments.
Once you have created a Quick Assignment for one student sets, it is the work of seconds to assign it to more sets. In the assignments list:
Actions ->Assign again
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Set an exam using Quick Assignments

Sam Hucker from Winterbourne International Academy asked me this question this morning:

I have set up a partial exam for my BTEC Engineering students. Is there a way that I can set up further questions where they have to type paragraphs or free sentences in larger
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Improved reportage of Quick Assignments

In your Assignments List, you will now notice that the progress bars for Quick Assignments show two colours instead of one. Here’s what they mean:

Untitled 3

  • Responded: What proportion of the students have submitted a response, whether this is a text response or an uploaded file.
  • Graded: The proportion to which you have assigned a grade.

This neatly clarifies a point that was previously ambiguous.