Instant Assign Again comes to Quick Assignments

Quick Assignments are a way to quickly assign, collect and grade written work. Unlike quizzes they won’t do the marking for you, but they will save you a lot of time and temper.
Now we have made them even quicker, by copying the Assign Again feature from quiz assignments.
Once you have created a Quick Assignment for one student sets, it is the work of seconds to assign it to more sets. In the assignments list:
Actions ->Assign again
Select the new student set and you’re done.
  1. It is easier to use the Yacapaca Gradebook as your main mark book, saving hours of copying into spreadsheets.
  2. Quickly set exams and tests.
  3. Helps us calibrate your grade book and give you more accurate quiz results.

Incidentally, Quick Assignments do not eat your credits. Use them as much as you like; they are completely free.


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