Which should I use – Quizzes, Homeworks or Revision?

Quizzes, Homeworks and Revision all draw on the same question bank, so what is the difference and which should you use? The key elements are that:

  • Quizzes and Homeworks are assigned.┬áRevision is not.
  • Homeworks and Revision use CAT and Ebbinghaus schedules. Quizzes do not.

The following table fleshes this out a little. Continue reading “Which should I use – Quizzes, Homeworks or Revision?”

Student to-do list update

The student interface is based around two lists, the To-Do List and the Archive.

In the past, we’ve been a bit inconsistent with the To-Do List and included items that students might want to see, but did not actually have any action attached. That has now been cleaned up and a simple rule implemented.

If it is in your To-Do List, then you should do it!

Anything completed goes Continue reading “Student to-do list update”

Introducing Question Bombs

HTML5 screenshot

We now have an astonishing 288,000 questions in the Yacapaca question bank. Many of them were written by truly talented authors and do a great job of formative assessment.

Some questions, unfortunately, weren’t. And don’t.

I have now recruited the most brutal critics on the planet to weed out the sub-standard questions: your students. Continue reading “Introducing Question Bombs”

Set homework direct from the Gradebook

Yacapaca Homeworks are different from quizzes, even quizzes that you have set to be done at home. Here’s why:

  • Questions are automatically selected from the question bank, according to the current attainment level of each student.
  • You control the amount of time students should spend, not the number of questions. And Yacapaca measures the time directly; it does not pretend some equivalence of Continue reading “Set homework direct from the Gradebook”