Quiz Builder is making quiz authoring three times easier

Last month we completed our Quiz Builder project. The aim was to make quiz authoring easier, and to increase quality by encouraging authors to choose the highest-quality available questions in preference to writing new ones.

Did it work? Here are the monthly statistics for February, compared with the same month last year:

February of 2014 2013
Quizzes compiled 210 187
Questions authored 503 1382
New questions per quiz 2.4 7.4

Authors created approximately as many quizzes as last Feb (within normal variation) but they wrote three times fewer  new questions to do it. Clearly the Quiz Builder system does encourage question re-use.

We don’t measure quiz quality as a monthly variable, but given that Quiz Builder contains a strong bias towards quality, I am certainly optimistic that this has improved too.

Next step: with all the changes in authoring, I’m working on a CPD course in authoring skills. The first version got pretty much panned by the teachers who tested it for me (thanks, guys!) so it is taking longer than expected. Watch this space.


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