Another Yacapaca milestone

It wasn’t that long ago that we would celebrate in the Chalkface office if a real teacher had been on Yacapaca that day. It felt hugely validating that someone had wanted to use our litte system to run some tests with a class of perhaps 30 students.

Recently it’s been a bit busier. A good weekday would see teacher numbers climbing towards 50 – that’s 1500 students or so – or even peaking a little higher than that. I started to hope we would see the 100 milestone soon.

And today, something shifted. Perhaps because of last night’s email, perhaps because of the edubloggers who are starting to join us, we were up above 50 by lunchtime. Sometime around 3pm we hit the magic 100.

And kept going.

At the time of writing (11.30 at night) we’re up to 183. I’m just bowled over. And I’d like to say a huge thankyou to every teacher who has put trust in Yacapaca’s ability to deliver good quality, motivating, formative assessments to your students.


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