ePortfolio integration

This evening we are uploading the next major improvement to Yacapaca. The ePortfolio is now integrated into Yacapaca for both teachers and students.

Teacher module

As teacher, you will see a ‘gateway button’ in the Yacapaca banner. This will take you into the ePortfolio module. You will find most of it self-explanatory, but please do refer to the ePortfolio Instructions if you get stuck.

There are assessment tasks on the system already for DiDA, the GCSEs in Applied Business and Health and Social Care, and ICT for ABE. But over and above that, it really is extremely easy to create your own ePortfolio tasks.

Student module

The student ePortfolio module is integrated via a new button in the top left of the banner. This leads to a list of all ePortfolio assignments, from where the student proceeds into the specific task. That list will be empty until/unless you set some assignments.

We’re not charging a bean for the ePortfolio until September, so if you want to know what the possibilities of ePortfolio working are, now is the time go and have a play! It has so many creative possibilities that it’s really up to you how you want to use it.


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