Inspiring ICT course blogs at Shrewsbury High School

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If you would like to see a really thorough and comprehensive exposition of the course blog concept, loook no further than ICT@SHR from Tim Curtiss. I first spotted it because Tim is a Yacapaca member (and author), and refers his students to it in the blog (example).

What is really inspiring, though, is the huge range of resources all being accessed by the students from this one central location. I have spotted links to resources from Cadbury, Revise ICT, Zamzar, Wayback Machine, the BBC, Teach-ICT, and many more.

The enthusiasm just shines out of this blog, as does the structure and discipline. Take a look, for example, at how the different classes are addressed through a dropdown that filters the posts according to how they are tagged. Simple, easy-to-maintain and effective.

How is it done, and how much did it cost? The course blog is a free account from (same software as this blog, btw) and as far as I can see, all the links are to free resources as well. Notable only by its absense is a £10,000/year school-wide VLE, which does not surprise me as Tim is doing far more than a VLE could, just with the free tools he’s using.

This is emphatically not a zero cost resource, however. Tim (and/or his team – I don’t know the authorship structure) has put a great deal of time into creating this, and is continuing to do so. What will be interesting is to see how much work it is next year, when there is a previous year’s course to build on.


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  1. We have been using wordpress for sometime. However a sad state of affairs is that many LEAs are now blocking wordpress and blogger domains which is a sad state of affiars and is limiting the freedom of both teachers and students to be creative. Some LEAs are also going to the expense of developing their own propriety blog software and hosting, kind of goes against what blogs stand for!

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