Revision primer

If you are new to Yacapaca, here is how to get your students up and running on our advanced (and free!) revision system in just 5 steps.

1. Sign up to Yacapaca

Go straight to the signup page, or link through from the homepage. It’s all a perfectly obvious, bog standard, signup process like you’ve done for dozens of web services already, I’m sure.

2. Set up a class

From the Students tab, go to New Student Set. You will see a popup with various attributes of the set (can be a whole class, a year group or just a few students – it’s up to you). There are two attributes to pay special attention to.

a) set the Access Type to ‘casual’ and you can require students to sign themselves up to the set. It’s a bit quicker than entering them yourself.

Untitled 7

b) select your Subject and Syllabus. We are adding new syllabi the whole time, but do check that yours is available from the dropdown. Revision won’t work without it.


After saving these values, you can copy the Access Key that students use to join the set.

3. Update the topics that have been covered

Yacapaca needs to know which topics have been covered. It will only display questions related to those topics. Go to Students -> Student Sets and for your new set, open the Actions dropdown. Choose ‘Topics for revision’.


A simple checklist of topics appears, and you tick whichever ones apply. The only maintenance job you have to do in this system is to update this list whenever you complete a topic with a class.


4. Instruct your students to log in

Direct the students to login at and log in to the Student module. By logging in with your Access Key (see above), they will create accounts and join your set simultaneously.

Each student will now see revision in your syllabus waiting at the top of their to-do list.


They just click on the item and get revising! As soon as the system knows their general level and preferred speed of working, it will adjust to that.

5. See the results

We will email you a weekly digest of student progress in revision showing time spent, questions answered and grade achieved. Additionally, within Yacapaca, there are activity logs, gradebooks, progress charts and flightlines – everything you need to track and manage your students’ revision.

So there’s a very quick tour of the ‘how’. For the ‘why’, and for the most recent news, I recommend these articles


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