Quiz Builder is making quiz authoring three times easier

Last month we completed our Quiz Builder project. The aim was to make quiz authoring easier, and to increase quality by encouraging authors to choose the highest-quality available questions in preference to writing new ones.

Did it work? Here are the monthly statistics for February, compared with the same month last year:

February of 2014 2013
Quizzes compiled 210 187
Questions authored 503 1382
New questions per quiz 2.4 7.4

Authors created approximately as many quizzes as last Feb (within normal variation) but they  Continue reading

How I created 4 new e-safety quizzes in less than an hour

I was collecting a few more quizzes for my E-Safety course last night, when I noticed an interesting phenomenon. Although quite a few of the quiz authors have produced quizzes that include specific issues such as Facebook, cyberbullying, chatrooms and Continue reading

Power authors: make your Author Group questions work in Quiz Builder


Zach Ishani

I have been in conversation over the past week or so with Zach Ishani from Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, Yacapaca’s #17-ranked author. Zach is in the middle of a big authoring project at the moment, and he needs to get up to speed as fast as possible with Quiz Builder.

Zach’s problem is that Continue reading