Top ten FAQs

top 10

Out of all the support requests we get in any given day, a good 50% will fall under one of these ten headings. So I would like to drop into your mind, before you even hit one of these problems, what the answer might be.

  1. I deleted an assignment in error
    Assignments tab -> Show assignment -> Deleted -> Actions -> Undelete
  2. I deleted an assignment but was not returned the credits
    If this happens to you, contact the support team. We deal with it on a case-by-case basis, but we are usually pretty supportive.
  3. I want a colleague to co-teach with me in a student set
    Students tab -> Student sets -> Actions -> Manage students (yes, ‘students’), then
    Teacher Actions -> Add Teacher
  4. Students see a black screen wth “Content Blocked” on it.
    Smoothwall, your school security software, has blocked the quiz in error. Ask your technician to add to the Allowed List.
  5. How do I get to author my own quizzes?
    Apply via
    More tab -> Become an author
    It is not automatic, and we err on the side of caution, so take the requirements seriously, and educate yourself about Yacapaca authoring.
  6. When does my subscription run until/how many credits do I have now? 
    There is a little yellow square at the top right of every Yacapaca teacher page. Click it  once for subscription date, and twice for available credits.
  7. Can I change the timing on a quiz? 
    You don’t need to. Yacapaca ‘reads’ the needs of each student, and changes the timing dynamically [more].
  8. Are you ready for GDPR?
  9. Flash is coming to the end of its life. Are you moving to HTML5?
    Yes we are. Students on mobile devices have been using the HTML5 version for a while, and it is coming to desktop soon.
  10. How do I switch to GCSE 9-1 grading?
    Students tab -> Student Sets -> Actions -> Edit student set
    The grade scheme is linked to the student set, not to the course. In principle, any course can be marked against any grade scheme.


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