When will Google pass the Turing Test?

I alluded to this idea last December, and it seems Larry Page has been thinking along the same lines – unsurprisingly, as Google is his company. I’m sticking with my prediction of 2013, but he seems to be hinting he thinks it will be sooner than that. To paraphrase my previous post: So far, you’ve […]

What is the web, really?

If, like me, you keep thinking you’ve ‘got’ the web, only to then realise that its essence still eludes you, this little video essay is well worth four minutes of your time. It is a very witty introduction to the idea that the web is about conversation, not the static presentation of information. Everyone is […]

Borrow and adapt your own online tests

The feature of Yacapaca I am proudest of is the ability to easily borrow someone else’s work and adapt it for your teaching needs. Ever since Chalkface started, teacher have been using scissors and Pritt-stick to adapt worksheets, so it makes sense that they should be able to do this with online materials too. Perhaps […]

Circus as education

I had the great privilege to spend Sunday with my friends at La Fiesta Escènica with the Circo Deros, currently touring South West Spain with their show Provoke in Venezia. It struck me what a fantastic education the circus is for the young performers there. It’s full of excitement, adventure and romance – but at […]


Chalkface doesn’t do BETT, and as a result I missed hearing Jim Knight admit that the online SATS are never going to work would benefit from ‘evolution’ and are being binned declared non-statutory. The Department for Education and Skills is now working with the QCA to evolve the exam into a “formative test for ongoing […]