General Data Protection Regulation compliance update

GDPRFrom May 2018 the Data Protection Act is superseded by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) , which is a significantly-stricter regime to protect personal information online. I have recently completed our GDPR review.

The two critical changes are

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What bang are we getting from our PhD buck?

In the early years of the Space Race, it was discovered that ordinary pens do not work in zero gravity. NASA spent 2 years and millions of dollars developing an incredible ‘space pen’ that incorporated a tiny pump. Meanwhile, Soviet cosmonauts took pencils. 

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Teach Touch Typing!

Your students type a lot, but I’ll lay odds that they type badly. Prompted by internet guru Seth Godin‘s blog, I’m going to reprise an argument I had with Mark Leighton a while ago, about why it’s vital to teach them to type properly.

Here, paraphrased, are Mark’s arguments as to why he didn’t need to teach typing separately, and my ripostes.

My students can type anyway

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It is long past time to abandon paper-based examinations

chinese exam g edit

The ‘exam paper’ has been around for the last 14 centuries and it is still going strong. The way things are going, the exam-paper looks likely to outlast even the news-paper.

But it shouldn’t. Paper-based exams are a hideously-unreliable method of assessing competence. Here are some of the major reliability problems of Continue reading