Which should I use – Quizzes, Homeworks or Revision?

Quizzes, Homeworks and Revision all draw on the same question bank, so what is the difference and which should you use? The key elements are that:

  • Quizzes and Homeworks are assigned.¬†Revision is not.
  • Homeworks and Revision use CAT and Ebbinghaus schedules. Quizzes do not.

The following table fleshes this out a little. Continue reading “Which should I use – Quizzes, Homeworks or Revision?”

How Yacapaca Boosts Exam Results

Yacapaca is designed to boost results across your school or college. Here’s how:
  1. Know what your students know with analytics
    From question-by-question detail, through key concept analysis, per-topic progression through the Continue reading “How Yacapaca Boosts Exam Results”

Help students retain knowledge over the summer vacation

There is solid research to show that students slip backwards over the summer. You didn’t need telling that, did you? It is a common experience that, come September, you are going to have to rehearse the learning from last year. I’d like to suggest a way that Yacapaca can reduce this problem, if not actually […]