Seven ways to implement differentiation in Yacapaca

My thanks to new member Yasmin Sheikh of Whitfield School in Barnet for asking why we show each question for 10 seconds before displaying the options. I realised that although we have worked like stink build opportunities for differentiation into every point of the Yacapaca process, I have never really explained them. Here, then is chapter and verse.
  1. Implicit differentiation: thinking time between question and options
    This gives students time to challenge themselves to get the answer before receiving the restricted possibilities of the options. This is a higher level of challenge, and it gives the student who manages it a great deal of confidence. You can gently encourage this by applauding the behaviour, but please don’t push students to do it if they don’t feel ready.
  2. Differentiation by time: Question speed
    Different students think at different speeds, but this does not correlate particularly with ability. Yacapaca times each answer from each student with an accuracy of Continue reading

Get set up for Easter revision

With Easter almost upon us, now is a good time to make sure that your students are correctly set up for revision. Here is what to do.

1. Go to your Student Set List

2. For each student set you want revision for, select “Topics for revision” from the Actions dropdown. If it’s not visible, check you have a syllabus set for the student set. If it’s still not Continue reading

Homework & Revision Logs give you insights into how your students really study at home

How useful would it be to know what time your students really sit down to do their homework, and how long they actually spend on it? Well, now you can, because we have updated the Homework and Revision logs.


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Here’s what the Continue reading