Tutorial 1: Fast student setup

Nomenclature: throughout Yacapaca we use the term “student sets” rather “classes” to encourage the idea that you are no longer limited by the four walls of a classroom. Any student may simultaneously be a member of a whole-year cohort, a class or a smaller group. Group your students in whatever way makes sense at the time.

‘Formal’ vs. ‘casual’ student sets

Do you have a spreadsheet with your students names, classes, admission number, etc?

  • Yes? Excellent! You should import these into “Formal” student sets. Formal sets are preferable when you can set them up, but they are not the subject of this tutorial.
  • No? Not to worry. Create “Casual” student sets and let students sign themselves up to Yacapaca instead. With Casual student sets, you don’t even need to know in advance who your students are going to be.

Setting up your Casual student sets

Go to Students tab -> New student set

Enter the class name, grade scheme and year, then select the “casual” option, and the maximum number of students. Tip: enter the exact number as it determines the number of credits you ‘spend’ with each assignment.

Set up set

On submit, you will get the Access Key.

casual set

(At this point, you can go back to the Resources tab and set up assignments for your students. They will see them when they log in.)

Send or show this to your students. They can paste it in place of a login and password here:

Student login with access key

They get the choice to link this to an existing student account, or to create a new one:

Student account

Assuming the click ‘no’ the account setup looks like this:

Student create account

…and they’re done.

Any assignments you have created for the set, if they are still in-date, are already in their to-do lists waiting to go.

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