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<h3>In a nutshell</h3>
Great schools use Yacapaca to automate their marking. They free up as much as <a href=”https://blog.yacapaca.com/2017/04/23/this-one-small-change-could-save-every-teacher-8-hours-per-week/”>8 hours/week per teacher</a> for higher-value activities, and they save as much as <a href=”https://blog.yacapaca.com/2016/09/15/how-much-does-your-school-spend-on-marking/”>£1/3M per year</a> across the school.

Our mission is to make automated assessment <em>better</em> than manual assessment. We use peer formative feedback, personalised learning, dynamic timing, gamification and every other method available to make our assessment more formative, more engaging and more reliable than manual marking. We deliver rich analytics at the student, class and cohort levels.

As a teacher, you can chose from any of our 21,000+ pre-made assessments across all subjects and syllabi, mix and match from our 185,000+ item bank or create your own from scratch.
<h3>How much does it cost?</h3>
Low-level usage is permanently free. Once you start to see serious benefits from using Yacapaca, buy an annual subscription from £99 upwards. Subscriptions are available for individuals, departments, whole schools and MATs/school chains. <a href=”https://yacapaca.com/teacher/subscription/buy/”>The current rate chart is here</a>.
<h3>Who owns Yacapaca?</h3>
Yacapaca is a trading name of <strong>The Chalkface Project Ltd</strong>. <a href=”https://www.chalkface.com/info/contact/”>Here are the details you need to set up a supplier account</a>.
<h3>How did Yacapaca start?</h3>
At the end of the last century, it was becoming obvious that the 5000-year history of books on paper was drawing to a close, and that the opportunity to support education through publishing lay online. We started out in a very amateurish way with a site called iamclever.org (don’t look it up, it’s dead) that extended our existing photocopy masters with online activities. We chewed through several more platforms, with varying degrees of success, before creating Yacapaca in 2006, initially as a spin-out from an e-portfolio system called Paperless School. It was an instant hit, and has grown to over 120,000 teachers and 3.5M student accounts.
<h3>How do I find out about…?</h3>
Search the blog. If that fails, email us <a href=”mailto:support@yacapaca.com”>support@yacapaca.com</a> We don’t bite.

If you want to know more about the philosophy behind the product without the interleaved new feature announcements, try the <a href=”https://blog.yacapaca.com/category/commentary/”>Commentary category</a>.


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