Actual student-written formative feedback statements

Feedback entry with textIt’s coming up to lunchtime on the first day of our peer feedback experiment, and I’m incredibly excited at how well it is going. We have had about 1000 peer-written statements in so far and I wanted to share some of the best of them with you. If the authors of these are your students, you have the right to feel proud.

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How Yacapaca Boosts Exam Results

Yacapaca is designed to boost results across your school or college. Here’s how:
  1. Know what your students know with analytics
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Yacapaca Gradebook and Feedback

This is a guest post by Mr Chris Coleman, AST for E-Learning, Conyers School & Sixth Form College

As a teacher of ICT, I am always striving to provide opportunities for students to access learning where feedback is not only summative but also personalised and formative. Over the last five years, Yacapaca has proven to play a vital role in the way we assess students and provide grade style feedback. Quizzes have played a Continue reading “Yacapaca Gradebook and Feedback”

When is the best time to give feedback?

We have always put great stress on the formative value of good feedback in Yacapaca quizzes. There is something about getting instant results that really engages the brain, and that creates a fantastic, but fleeting, opportunity to hit the student with an insight or challenge.

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