Mobile devices in education – damp squib?

Five years ago, everyone was going mobile. Tech blogs were full of advice to adopt a ‘mobile first’ development strategy. In education, the debate raged between the purist all-iPad camp and the libertarian BYOD brigade.

So who won? Neither.

desktop vs mobile

At Yacapaca, we have a unique perspective. Millions of users, years of history. Rather than rush in, we started patiently collecting session data. Browsers automatically declare their parameters to web services so they can be served with an interface that fits the device. Here are the data, broken down by academic year.

And you can see what’s changed; almost Continue reading “Mobile devices in education – damp squib?”

Progress with mobile access

This screenshot is me logging into Yacapaca on my phone. Don’t be fooled by the large image here: it’s just an ordinary smartphone (actually an LG Nexus 4); not even an iPhone.   We redesigned the login fields so they actually grow larger as the screen grows smaller. You can see that here it almost […]

Insights from the mobile devices survey

I’m very pleased to have had as many as 140 responses to the survey. The answers to the multiple choice questions were fairly predictable: The transition to mobile is well underway, with the usual spectrum of early- to late-adopters. iPads are where it’s at, but the strategy really has to embrace everything. At least no-one […]

Justin Bieber brings elearing into your classroom, even if you don’t have computers

Three years ago, I predicted that the iPhone, and phones like it, would soon become everyday educational tools. Where are we up to with that? Having spotted this on the Orange website, I’d say we are now only a year away. If Justin Bieber is endorsing a phone, then it must be cheap enough to […]