Yacapaca's New Livery

From this morning* you will find a new, easier on the eye, livery for Yacapaca Teachers’ module. It is based on the look and feel of the main Chalkface website, and matches the ePortfolio features we launched earlier this week.

The navigation has changed too, with a neat row of tabs across the top, opening to reveal more detail below. It is both more logical and more able to give us space to add the ePortfolio features when we get those fully integrated.

The Student module has not been touched; it remains exactly as it was.

Now I have a favour to ask; if you find an teachers pages (error messages perhaps) that we have missed, and that are still in the old livery, please let us know! It is my experience that no matter how diligently you test these things, something always sneaks through…

…and if you like it then Max, the designer who worked really hard to meet my pernickety demands, would appreciate you saying so!

* Written in advance, with fingers crossed!

Yacapaca login page

Yacapaca Edit Instrutions page


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