How to educate for the future, not the present?

This six-minute video presentation from Karl Fisch (via David Warwick) neatly encapsulates the consequences for education of two trends: the exponential growth in computing power and the maturing of the educational systems of both China and India. Required viewing for any PGCE student!

The concepts themselves are familiar themes on this blog; what shocked me though was the comments left on YouTube. YouTube’s audience is young, yet these commenters were responding with denial, aggression, even religion. I found no-one in the first two pages who wanted to celebrate the potential to end hunger and poverty, and create a more beautiful world.

This, for me, is the message to educators. We have a duty to show young people how to embrace the future, and to walk into it without fear.


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2 responses to “How to educate for the future, not the present?”

  1. Looks like I have made right decision of going directly employed as software developer vs. trying to learn outdated technology in University. Most of people which went to study software science here never were able to obtain jobs (since the knowledge they got were outdated at the time when they finished their education). May be situation is different in U.K, but not really much. World is changing faster then even highly specialized people are not enough fast to got to the development speed and to learn all the technologies – the impossible job for a single person now, but greater chances for teams.

  2. Bigger classes, all following learning software packages is the future then. Wont even need to change their rooms for different subjects. But only some children learn that way, teachers need to get out more, make balanced adults instead of GCSE 5 a-c machines. 50% fail at the moment, trying to stay in the academic race is a waste of effort, vocational courses need greater respect.

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